How to upkeep the leather shoes


The ordinary leather shoes that we wear at ordinary times cannot get rid of at ordinary times, let alone leather shoes.Between common leather shoes and leather shoes, in colour and lustre above more bright-coloured point, because the bright-coloured colour and lustre of leather shoes can let you whole collocation above clothes appears more spirit, ability reflects your grade.Of course, the maintenance that notices leather shoes is more bright not only on colour and lustre, it is the whole service life that can prolong leather shoes at the same time, how does that real leather shoes maintain?How does leather sole maintain?Let's take a look!
Real leather shoes should not be exposed to the sun or grilled.Under burning sun, the vamp leather of real leather shoes is afraid of insolation, cannot be baked near stove or other heat source, because insolation and bake can make real leather shoes can let it become flabby.If the sweat and humidity inside the shoe is heavier, can be in the place carrying the sun.
When giving true leather shoes polish, the frequency that besmear should not too tall, but also cannot save certainly.In addition to maintain with lubricious oil, actually a few daily food also have leather to maintain a function.For example, after eating a banana, you can wipe the real leather shoes with the sticky inside of the banana skin. After it dries, the real leather shoes that are soaked will regain their luster.If real leather shoes surface appeared crack, you can fill with some candle powder to grain inside, iron is pressed smooth, brush again on same color shoe polish.However, because the temperature is difficult to grasp, it is advisable that you ask a professional for help. 
Keep shoe clean, had better brush shoe every day, if cast temporarily have shoe polish, also can use vegetable oil to replace, but vegetable oil cannot use too much, can be infected with dust otherwise, affect beautiful.To light color true leather shoes, can brush with lemon juice first, brush with shoe polish again, can make true leather shoes shine like new so.Also, send the soles and heels to a repair shop as soon as they are worn out.
Avoid contact with water.Real leather shoes soaked in water after the leather easy to deformation, fading, sewing is also easy to break.If it has been touched with water, dry it in time and apply shoe polish.But want to notice, do not go up when the shoe is damp oil, true leather shoes are often more fragile than at ordinary times after be affected with damp, accordingly, when doing these, your movement must be gentle.
Do not wear should be put in a dry and cool place, can not be put in wet or more hot place, also do not bask in for a long time under the sun, in case of mildew or brittle crack.If discover mildew spot, can put shoe to bask in sunshine first, brush again clean, do not wipe with wet cloth.